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More Last Words on Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere

In the North End story that went national and lingers on (and on), there are two new pieces out.

Old North Church (NEWF photo)

The first is from Old North Church Vicar Stephen T. Ayres in the Boston Herald.

Rev. Ayres says he explained to Palin immediately before her now famous comments, “how Revere founded the church’s bell-ringing guild in 1750 as a teen and how he warned the British after being arrested on the night of his famous ride that the minutemen had been alerted. I knew where all the factoids she cited came from and take responsibility for putting them in her head,” Ayres, 56, wrote. “I will not take the blame for the odd order those factoids came out.’’

Ayres also defends Palin as an “an easy target,” noting that no one challenged the integrity of poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow who didn’t exactly get it right either. “I hate to break it to you, but Revere was not standing on the opposite shore, did not make it as far as Concord that night, and finished his ride to Lexington before midnight.”

Read the Boston Herald story.

Next, J.L. Bell of Boston 1775 does a play-by-play analysis of Palin’s follow-up comments.

So did Palin share a correct and uncommonly knowledgeable interpretation of Revere’s ride? Or was she correct only in the way that a stopped clock is correct if you look at it in exactly the right way and ignore it a second later? That argument might have raged forever, but then someone came along and made it impossible to maintain that Palin enjoys a detailed, accurate understanding of the start of the Revolutionary War. That person was Sarah Palin.

Read the Boston 1775 blog post.

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