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“The Living Room” Receives Approval to Extend Closing Hour to 2:00 a.m. from Licensing Board

The Boston Licensing Board approved an amendment to the all-alcohol license for “The Living Room” to extend its closing hour from 1:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, plus special events. The Living Room is owned by John Hauck and is located at 101-107 Atlantic Ave.

The licensing hearing this week was mostly filled with supporters, so much so, that the Board asked for only a handful to speak as representatives. There was also some opposition, including Councilor Sal LaMattina, State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz and Nicole Leo, representing the Mayor’s office.

Many of the supporters of the extension had also previously testified at the Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) meeting held on March 14, 2011 when the council voted 5-3 in favor of the 2:00 a.m. extension. NEWNC member, Ryan Kenny, was out of the country for the NEWNC meeting, but did testify at this week’s Licensing Board meeting against the proposal. (See also Letter to the Editor on this issue by NEWNC member, Marie Simboli)

Residents’ Association (NEWRA) vice-president, Victor Brogna, presented the non-profit’s opposition letter reflecting the outcome of its membership vote, 40-4, against the proposal.

The Living Room is also expected to pursue a DJ license from the Mayor’s Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing. Both NEWNC and NEWRA supported the DJ application.

9 Replies to ““The Living Room” Receives Approval to Extend Closing Hour to 2:00 a.m. from Licensing Board

  1. Why bother w/ going in front of the neighborhood groups if the city is going to go against its wishes?

  2. Jimmy – the city did not go against it's wishes. The north end residents overwhelmingly supported the extension. You did not. What makes you think your vote counts more then the rest of the residents? Take it like a man that you didn't get your way and stop crying over spilt milk.

  3. Congratulations to John, JB the Living Room and all the waterfront residents who pushed for this. A well deserved result! It was great to see the support from all the residents and abutters who were for this extension. With so many old timers in the north end thinking they control the entire north end – it's great to see that the naysayers finally were put in their place for once. As a long time north end resident I am thrilled that our voice was heard on this.

    Sorry Jimbo – looks like you'll have to go rain on someone else's parade. 🙂

  4. @Jimmy…NEWNC supported the 2AM license so it gave the city cover. The neighborhood groups are advisory only. The bottom line is John Hauck did a great job getting his supporters out in full force at the NEWNC meeting and at the licensing board. There is a new Licensing board chair so it could be the start of an era where the LB favors businesses over the neighborhood unlike when Dan Pokaski was chair and tended to side with the neighborhood groups.

  5. The neighborhood council voted for the 2am … so the city is listening to the neighborhood. NEWRA literally represents no one but themselves.

  6. More 2AM pissing in public for everyone!!!!

    2AM, DJ's, valet parking…but it's not a club.

    I'm sure people are going there for the haute cuisine…and 37 drinks.

  7. Watch for a whole bunch of Living Room "special events" resulting in 2 AM closings up to 6 nights a week.

  8. Congrats to John and the rest of the staff at the Living Room. The 2am license is well deserved and reflects the good behavior and cognizance that they have displayed over the years.

  9. This is fabulous news. Like many others, I know that NEWRA represents a select few voices. I also tried to participate and found it was futile to oppose the "position" of NEWRA. NEWRA appoints its leaders from its own ilk. The elections are held after nominations by like-thinking peers. This is a City, not Mayberry; and Marlborough and Dover are lovely places to live if you want a non-urban setting.

    Those who say they care about families live in buildings that are converted schools. (*edited*)

    This is the first decision that will hopefully force NEWRA to become a more diverse group of realistic thinkers. No one wants noise and noise problems! Things must be considered on a case by case basis. The Living Room is the place you don't go to if you want to be rowdy. They create a very nice enviornment there that is conducive to a relaxing, lounge-style evening. John and J.B and the whole LR crew–best wishes for much success. You deserve every good thing that comes your way!

    Thank God herself for a new Chairperson at City Hall!

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