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Feast Organizer Tells Licensing Board About Youth Chaos in North End

Youths swarm Langone Park on Commercial Street on Friday, August 4th.

Universal Hub reports on a Boston Licensing Board hearing on Tuesday where organizer of the Saint Agrippina’s Feast, Warren Mustacchio, explained the chaotic scene when swarms of youths came through the North End streets.

“It looked like Fenway Park getting out,” Mustacchio said. “I’ve never seen so many kids.” And the kids were feeling their oats, he said – throwing punches at cops and doing their best to evade society members trying to hold them down for police. “It was just a crazy, crazy night.”

This was the Friday night when hundreds of teenagers swarmed the streets and the feast was closed down. State Troopers and Boston Police responded in force and walked a line to clear Commercial Street (see video).

The hearing was to explain how a 19 year-old college student, not associated with the teenagers, bought a sangria in the feast beer garden. The board rules on Thursday although indications from the chair were that given the situation “she didn’t think Mustacchio had anything to worry about.”

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