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Commentary: Congratulations to Pamela Donnaruma on Chronicle’s Hanover Street Show

Commentary submitted by the columnist, Freeway:

Freeway at the office.

Congratulations to Pamela Donnaruma, Editor and Publisher of the Post-Gazette (formerly La Gazzetta del Massachusetts).  Pam was interviewed by Chronicle for a segment on Hanover Street, North End that aired May 10, 2011. Pam was asked if there was any plan that would work for Hanover Street. Her reply was, “Yes, the plan is already there. Work with what you have.” Not long ago, on February 11, 2011, Pamela Donnaruma wrote an article in the Post-Gazette: WORKING WITH WHAT WE HAVE, saying to enforce the law to deal with traffic, double parking, valets and taxi cabs. Taken from her article, she states, “before we start making major changes to the North End, let’s work with what we have. Business and residents need to work together to ensure that the North End continues to grow in a positive way. We can all agree on one thing, we all want what is best for the North End, let’s try to work as a community to make this happen.”

A woman who has come from generations here, succeeded and most importantly, to make her grandfather, father and mother proud of their daughter that has accomplished so much for this newspaper and for herself. I am so proud of you as my friend and boss.
I may only be a pooch but I love you.
“Freeway”  (columnist for the Post-Gazette)