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NEBO’s Pallotta Sisters Score The Win Against Bobby Flay on Food Network


NEBO’s Pallotta sisters, Christine and Carla from the North End, won the “Throwdown!” against Chef Bobby Flay with their vegetable lasagna dish on the Food Network show which aired this week. In addition to the Pallottas, there are plenty of North End personalities that appeared for the taping of the show. An excerpt from the episode is shown in the clip below.

More information on Nebo, 90 N. Washington St., can be found at their website.

6 Replies to “NEBO’s Pallotta Sisters Score The Win Against Bobby Flay on Food Network

  1. Catch one of the re-runs where the full show is great. Congratulations to the sisters. Well-deserved.

  2. Wow that's a restaurant I've passed many a time walking through the North End. I'm definitely gonna check it out (if I can get a table!) Go Pallotta Sisters!

    ps. I think you guys would be awesome on the Food Network btw 🙂

  3. Here's an interesting factoid: Technically NEBO is not in the North End of Boston it is in the West End. In the City of Boston zoning maps, the boundry between the North End and the West End is the middle of North Washington St. Fillipos is in the North End but NEBO is not. The Strada Building is not in the North End either. I can't imagine naming a restaurant WEBO.

  4. There is such a stark difference between this story and the Kitchen Nightmares story on Davide not too long ago.

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