DeFilippo Playground (“Gassy”) Morning Meeting March 3rd

Boston Parks & Recreation is reaching out to families and others in the area with a morning “input session” at the Nazzaro Center, Thursday, March 3rd from 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. regarding the DeFilippo Playground (“Gassy”) renovations.

The Parks Department will bring diagrams shown at the last community meeting as well as the show the final design for the Snow Hill Street wall.  The goal of the current project is to improve the drainage issues and to update the play equipment (which parents and care givers will obviously have a vested interest in).  We may include some lighting and smaller improvements if the budget allows, but unfortunately, will not be able to address many of the issues with the Flights.

The City is looking for input from parents and care givers as they begin the playground design phase.
– What are the age ranges of the children that regularly use the playground?  Is it primarily toddlers and preschoolers or school aged kids?  An even mix?
– Are there issues with the swings?  Enough swings?  Too far away?  Good where they are?
– Are there elements in other parks you would like to see here?
– What’s the favorite thing to do in the playground?  What never gets used?  Is there enough “open” run around space?  Include a tricycle loop?
– Are there other elements to be included in the fence line?  More tables?  More benches?  Less tables?  Less benches?

They will have plenty of cards and contact info for those who may not be able to corral their kids for long.

Click here to view notes from the first meeting (pdf).

There will also be a community meeting on Monday, March 7th at the Nazzaro Center, 6:30 p.m. on this same project. Click to see the March 7th meeting notice.

Contact Cathy Baker-Eclipse for more information at

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