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Parking poll results as voted by readers.


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These are not scientific polls. They are offered for those readers interested in expressing an opinion. The results are representative only of those self-selected Internet users, not necessarily the North End / Waterfront community. Poll results rely on the accuracy of the third-party software.

One Reply to “Parking Poll Results

  1. I live in the North End at park at Flagship Wharf at 197 8th Street in Charlestown – way cheaper than the North End garages. And the service at Standard Parking is way better than Pilgrim Parking!

    Two weeks ago I parked at the Pilgrim Parking garage (600 Commercial – aka, the Prince St garage) and my car got hit there. For over two weeks I called and was always told the Claims Manager was in a meeting or on the other line. We spoke once briefly for a few minutes during which she said she would call me later that day with more info – that never happened. Today I received in the mail a letter saying the claim is not cover by Pilgrim Parking’s insurance. I am in shock at the lack of responsibility the company is taking. I will NEVER again park at the Pilgrim Parking north end garage!

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