Reader Poll: How Did Move Weekend 2019 Go for You?

September 1 fell on the Sunday of Labor Day this year which meant the large majority of people starting and ending leases September 1st all moved over the same 72-hour period.

Hanover St. lined up with moving trucks.

This was good for people moving who didn’t have to take a vacation day to lug all their belongings through the city, and good for people who typically get out of town over Labor Day weekend and were able to avoid the shuffle altogether! It did, however, mean the move was not spread out – many apartments had a moving-out truck parked outside in the morning that was replaced by a different moving-in truck that same afternoon.

How did move weekend go for you? Whether you were relocating yourself or just trying to avoid the chaos on your walk down the street, was it better or worse than expected? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below!

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