Event Notices

Dog Licensing and Rabies Clinic

dogbeagleclipartDog Licensing and Rabies clinic offered by Boston’s Animal Control department.

When: March 22 from 4-7pm
Where: Nazarro Community Center
30 North Bennet Street

$6 spay/neutered
$17 intact female/male
$50 Pitbull/Pitbull mix

Some reminders:
– If you dog has been vaccinated, please bring your rabies vaccine certificate.
– Pitbull/Pitbull mix and aggressive dogs must be muzzled.
– Please do not bring your pet to the rabies clinic on a retractable leash.
– All pets must be held by a person 18 years or older.
– Please DO NOT bring cats in a cardboard box or pet adoption box. Cats must be in a Vari-kennel or similar pet carrier.
– Your pet will only get a 3-year rabies vaccine if you can show written proof that (1) the last rabies vaccine was given 9-12 months prior to the clinic date (2) or that your pet has had a 3 year rabies vaccine at any point in the past.