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Impromtu North End Clean-up Day on Friday, Feb. 18

A Snow Hill St. resident, Jennifer McGivern, has a message for everyone to get out and do a little street clean-up:

“As the snow started melting in the North End, it uncovered __________.”

I saw a discarded toilet start to peek out of a snow drift today and I’m sure you all have colorful examples too.  I propose a day of clean up in the North End tomorrow.  If we all contributed 15 minutes outside to cleaning up, we could make a big difference on our streets.  Take a shovel and break up some ice and snow on your street so it can melt while the weather is warm; Clear the rest of your sidewalk since you can push the snow all the way off now; Take a glove and a trash bag and pick up debris as you walk; Definitely, at least, sweep up the sidewalk and gutter in front of the building you live or work in and consider doing the same to the gutter across the street.

I’ll be out tomorrow and hope to see you all too!  AND, PLEASE, pop me any stories of the more ridiculous things you see…. (Send your photos also to and we’ll post them too!)

One Reply to “Impromtu North End Clean-up Day on Friday, Feb. 18

  1. Great idea, Jen! The prado is an absolutely disgusting mess. I've never seen so many piles of dog feces in my life. Sadly, that's the route that many children use to walk to school. I'll see if I can borrow a shovel to clean up some of it. And to the few dog owners who are too lazy to pick up after your dogs… stop giving dog owners everywhere such a bad rap. Pick up after your dogs. It's gross.

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