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New Trial Possible in 1986 Slye Park Double Murder

Slye Park (now Copp’s Hill Terrace) was where victims were found from a 1986 double murder. (Photo: Matt Conti)

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled yesterday that DNA evidence should be considered in whether a new trial is granted for the 1986 double murder of Frank Chiuchiolo and Joseph Bottari. The victim’s bodies were found in Slye Park (now known as Copps Hill Park) in the North End along Commercial Street.

Frank DiBenedetto, Louis Costa and Paul Tanso were convicted of first degree murder and are now using 2005 DNA evidence, unavailable at the time of the first two trials, to appeal for a new trial. DNA from the blood evidence found on DiBenedetto’s sneaker showed it was not from either victim.

DiBenedetto and Costa argued that the murders were committed by other mob associates and that the multiple point-blank shootings would have left blood splatter on the shooters. The SJC did not order a new trial, but remanded the case back to Superior Court for consideration.

From the facts of the case:

Around 9:30 P.M. on February 19, 1986, police found the bodies of the victims, Chiuchiolo and Bottari, in Slye Park in the North End section of Boston. The bodies were surrounded by blood and multiple spent bullet casings. Chiuchiolo had been shot seven times, five times in the head, and Bottari had been shot sixteen times, six times in the head.

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