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Boat Sinks at Commercial Wharf

Boston Fire Department responded to Commercial Wharf for a large cabin cruiser that sunk this afternoon. Divers searched the boat which was empty. Boston EMS, Police, Coast Guard & Environmental Police also on scene. The boat was named “Smiles 2 U.” (Photos by BFD.)

Divers on the scene.
Divers on the scene.
Looking toward Lewis Wharf.
Looking toward Lewis Wharf.










2 Replies to “Boat Sinks at Commercial Wharf

  1. This boat has been sitting in the same spot unused and in a state of disrepair and an eyesore for years.
    The owner, if there is one, should be assesed the cost of the fire department response, removal and demolition.
    John G Hussey

  2. it was a boat. At a dock. If they paid their mooring fee, why does it matter whether it was there for years? How was it an eyesore? Because it couldn't sleep 20, like some of the other boats that have been at Commercial Wharf?

    It's unfortunate for the owner, since he/she will obviously be facing a huge loss. If they've been cited for some dangerous condition, that's one thing, but if not, saying they should be assessed the fire department charge just adds insult to injury . How about after your house burns down, the fire department sends you a bill? Or after you report a crime, the police send you a bill? Callous, no?

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