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NEWRA’s Year-End Review and Outlook

This week’s North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) meeting included a year-end review of 2010 issues and priorities going into 2011. 

President’s Report

NEWRA President Stephanie Hogue
NEWRA President Stephanie Hogue

Celebrating 15 years as a neighborhood group, NEWRA President Stephanie Hogue began with a statement about the goals of the organization. “It is important to preserve this neighborhood as a neighborhood.” She said fell in love with the North End years ago while walking through and seeing residents sitting out on the sidewalks. She reminded the group that the North End has been home to many immigrant groups since 1630 and was not always the high-end community that it is today.

Ms. Hogue also commented on last month’s vote to oppose an expansion at Bricco Restaurant (approved this week by city officials). She took objection to an editorial in the North End Regional Review saying the vote was personal. Rather, she said the vote was about the issue of adding a new bar and 47 seats, the equivalent of a new restaurant with a 2 am closing license. She noted NEWRA’s policy is to support a closing hour of 11 pm Sunday-Thursday and midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Clean Streets Committee

The Clean Streets Committee is still looking for co-chairs after Naomi Paul and Patricia Thiboutot resigned last month. Ms. Hogue said they committee will be looking at the issue of trashpickers in the coming year. She also acknowledged the help of Councilor Sal LaMattina with Clean Streets issues.

NEWRA ZLC Co-Chair David Kubiak
NEWRA ZLC Co-Chair David Kubiak

Zoning, Licensing & Construction Committee

David Kubiak, co-chair of the ZLC Committee, presented a written report that was distributed to members summarizing pending zoning and licensing applications in the neighborhood. Mr. Kubiak also summarized ZLC activity over the past year, making the point that NEWRA supported 9 of 12 business applications presented to the organization. (Opposition was made to the Bricco Restaurant expansion and Boston Gliders C.V. license while Henia’s Salon application was withdrawn.) NEWRA also supported 3 of 4 residential applications. (Damian Szary’s penthouse expansion at 50 Snow Hill Street was withdrawn.)

View the complete ZLC report.

Membership Committee

Mary McGee, chair of the Membership Committee, announced NEWRA’s ongoing membership drive. The organization has lost some long-term members that have recently moved out of the neighborhood.

Parks and Open Spaces Committee

Chair Anne Pistorio reviewed the newest NEWRA committee’s progress in 2010, which focused on researching the neighborhood’s historic parks and streets. The group is creating a map of neighborhood parks and open spaces. They are monitoring the proposed work for DeFilippo Park (the Gassy) including the wall replacement on Snow Hill Street and the expansion of the tot lot. The group is also working with the Boston Harbor Association on Harborwalk issues.

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