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Herald: Pressure on City To Sell Empty North End Buildings

The Herald’s Thomas Grillo writes about increasing pressure on the City of Boston to do something with the empty buildings on North and Richmond Streets in the North End.

“The Boston Finance Commission wants to know why Mayor Thomas M. Menino has failed to market two adjacent properties near the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway at 150 North St. and 130 Richmond St. In a letter to the mayor, the commission said the city should seek proposals in an open, competitive bidding process for the shuttered printing department and the former police station.

“… city officials have led tours of the buildings for staff of the North Bennet Street School, a nearby nonprofit that trains students in the trades and is looking for larger space. While the school has a long history in Boston, taxpayers would be better served if there’s an open-market effort to sell the properties to the highest bidder,(according to the Commission).”

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2 Replies to “Herald: Pressure on City To Sell Empty North End Buildings

  1. What will the Herald have ot say if the NBSS decides to move the school out of Boston to consolidate its campus and gain more space in say Arlington where they have a satellite space or some other place?

  2. I would think that the herald could find more importnat news, bigger issues within Boston than a couple of buildings in the North End. Unless, they are doing someone esle's bidding?

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