Petruccelli Solidly Wins State Senate Race Against Addivinola

Election results for the State Senate 1st Suffolk & Middlesex District race are in with incumbent Democratic State Senator Anthony Petruccelli showing a solid win against Republican challenger, Frank Addivinola, Jr. In addition to the North End, the district includes Beacon Hill, Cambridge, East Boston, Revere and Winthrop.

With 100% of the precincts reporting, Petruccelli garnered 75% of the vote with 25% going to Addivinola. In total, 39,202 votes were cast with Petruccelli garnering 29,428, 75% of the vote with 9,774 or 25% going to Addivinola.

“I am grateful, excited and humbled by the votes from the people of the North End and the entire district,” said Petruccelli in a phone interview on election night. “The National and State election cycle was the most challenging in recent memory. To win the way we did, speaks volumes about the work that my office has done and I am tremendously grateful.”

After the election, Republican Challenger Frank Addivinola, Jr., reached by phone, commented, “The numbers were not as strong as we expected, but I believe the voters benefited from the competition on the ballot. I met a lot of people that were dissatisfied with Beacon Hill and glad to have an option.”

Regarding his competitor, Sen. Petruccelli said, “I applaud Frank Addivinola for running. There are a lot of people that like to talk, but he stepped up and put his name on the ballot.” Mr. Addivinola similarly complemented the Senator. “I am happy that Anthony and I could have a respectful race without getting into dirty politics.” As for what is next for Addivinola, he said, “I may run for office in the future if I see a need at a different time.”

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz was also re-elected for another two years in an uncontested race for the 3rd Suffolk District including the North End, South End and parts of Beacon Hill/Downtown.

Regarding the Senate race, Rep. Michlewitz said, “The North End came out strong for Anthony, recognizing the leadership that he has provided on a lot of issues that we share. I am excited about working with him for another two years.” 

In addition to Petruccelli, Rep. Michlewitz actively campaigned for his Democratic colleagues, including Governor Patrick and Treasurer Steve Grossman. “Voter participation in my district was among the highest in the city. I am proud of that voter engagement. ”

District 1 City Councilor Sal LaMattina also congratulated the Senator on his relection.“Anthony Petruccelli does a really good job representing the district. He knows the issues. What I love about Anthony is that he really cares about the neighborhood. He understands how these issues impact the quality of life of voters in the district. This is a great victory for Anthony.”

Breaking down the State Senate race by neighborhood
(excluding blanks):

North End / Waterfront (Ward 3, Precincts 1-4, 3343 total)
Petruccelli: 2262 (68%), Addivinola: 1081 (32%)

East Boston (5949 total)
Petruccelli: 4703 (79%), Addivinola: 1246 (21%)

Beacon Hill/West End (3271 total)
Petruccelli: 2070 (63%), Addivinola: 1201 (37%)


Total Boston (12,568 total)
Petruccelli: 9040 (72%), Addivinola: 3528 (28%)

Winthrop (6353 total)
Petruccelli: 4276 (67%), Addivinola: 2077 (33%)

Revere (8596 total)
Petruccelli: 5897 (69%), Addivinola: 2699 (31%)

Cambridge (11,685 total)
Petruccelli: 10,215 (86%), Addivinola: 1,470 (14%)

In total, 39,202 votes were cast with Petruccelli garnering 29,428, 75% of the vote with 9,774 or 25% going to Addivinola.
Note: All numbers are unofficial.

In an unscientific web poll that ran in the week up to the election, readers closely mirrored the North End / Waterfront results in the State Senate race with 69% choosing Petruccelli.

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  1. Congratulations Anthony! A well-deserved victory. I agree with Sal – Anthony cares about the neighborhoods.

    Matt, thanks for the awesome reporting.

  2. Petruccelli is good for the North End so I am glad he won. We are lucky to have him along with Aaron and Sal representing us.

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