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North End / Waterfront Assaults and Burglaries Are Trending Up


2009 = Yellow, 2010 = Blue; Through October 2010 (Source: Boston Police)

Crime incidents are trending up in the North End / Waterfront area, mostly in assaults and burglaries. On a year-to-date basis, assaults and burglaries have nearly doubled over last year with an increase of nearly 50 incidents. Police report they are seeing similar trends in other downtown neighborhoods.

Captain Bernard O’Rourke and Sergeant Thomas Lema presented the latest crime statistics to North End / Waterfront residents at this week’s NEWNC Public Safety meeting.

A sexual assault on November 1st was previously reported.

Assaults and Fighting Incidents

Halloween night brought an assault at the corner of N. Washington & Causeway streets. A white male wearing a baseball uniform swung a bat at a woman getting into a taxi cab. The incident took place around 2:15 am. The suspect fled, although police are checking fingerprints from the bat. The victim was taken to Mass General.

After the bars closed at 2:20 am on October 16th at 224 Hanover St., several males were fighting. The guys told police to ____ (fill in your favorite slur) when they tried to break it up. Police officers arrested two mid-twenties males from the suburbs and charged them with disorderly breach of the peace.

There was another fight on Halloween night around 3:00 am where three guys were beating up on one male victim, near the corner of Parmenter & Salem Streets. Police made an arrest.

A domestic fight broke out on October 24th on Cooper St. around midnight.

Break-ins/burglaries were reported on Salem St. (True Value Hardware Store), Prince Street, Charter Street and Commercial Wharf (See Barefoot Boater Chases Burglar).

Police also confirmed a drug overdose victim last weekend outside Bova’s Bakery.

Car breaks (larceny) are still the most common type of crime in the neighborhood. Last month, items were stolen from automobiles on North St., N. Bennet St., Hanover St., Fleet St., Garden Court, Stillman Place, Cooper St. and Commercial St. There was also one car theft from Fleet St.

Complete year-to-date crime statistics for the North End / Waterfront area are shown below.

Source: Boston Police, District A-1
Source: Boston Police, District A-1

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