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North End Public Safety Update: 2 Arrests, 1 Robbery, 3 Larcenies

Boston Police District A-1 provided an update on recent neighborhood crime incidents, summarized below, at the February 2016 North End Public Safety Meeting. 

2 arrests:
-1/12/16 @ 1.30am: Burglary / B&E – Officer Pasciuto arrested a guy with a jimmy bar and whom had possession of credit cards and checkbooks with other people’s names on them

-585 Commercial St.: Ad on social media to sell 2g of a drug called Molly for $120.  Guy from RI came up to The North End.  Offered to sell mushrooms, as well.  Met with and arrested by undercover police officer.

1 Robbery:
-1/14/16 @ 9.10pm, on The Greenway, near North & Cross Streets: Victim was grabbed by a guy.  Elbowed the guy, but suspect fled with victim’s wallet.  Couldn’t identify the suspect…

3 Larcenies:
-15 Noyes Place: Dispute b/w 2 roommates.  1 allegedly took the other’s property.

-1/16/16 @ 4.44pm @ 22 Cooper St.: Resident was away from residence b/w 7 and 11.00am.  Returned and discovered modem was missing.  Possibly stolen by painters in the unit.

-24 Cooper St. @ 2.30pm: UPS package containing Canada Goose coat was stolen.

Other issues:
*Pretty quiet re: loud party calls. Call 911 to report loud and/or disruptive party incidents.

*Police Athletic League request has been put in for a youth Killington ski trip for mid-late March.

*Rich Grielish from Suffolk Univ. has been replaced by a Sgt. for the Thurs. – Sat. night ride-alongs.

*North End Public Safety meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month, 6:00 p.m., at the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 N. Bennet Street. All welcome!

22 Replies to “North End Public Safety Update: 2 Arrests, 1 Robbery, 3 Larcenies

  1. How in God’s name can the Police say it is pretty quiet when we have these Misfits driving around
    the neighborhood with car radios blasting at 3 a.m. looking for parking spaces. Where are the
    fines for disturbing the peace? If a town like Hyannis can issue a $50. fine for blasting car radios
    at 5 p.m. in Hyannis Center, why can’t we? If Marty Walsh had this going on outside his residence
    they would put a stop to it, and please don’t tell me this is city living, I have lived in various cities and
    this B.S. is unacceptable. Does it always have to be a robbery or violent crime for the police to

    1. Let me get this straight. You want the Boston Police Department, a department that protects and serves close to 1 million people from drugs and violence, to patrol the north end for an occasional loud speaker at 3am?

      1. yes James. We expect the Area A Boston police Dept to have a patrol car in the North End and to put a stop to noise that is disturbing the peace in the wee hours of the morning unless there is an emergency somewhere else in the district that requires every officer to be there. FYI it is not “occasional” it is a frequent issue.

        1. BPD always has patrol cars in the area especially during the weekend. They are on Hanover st and busy corners to prevent/stop problems. And in my opinion our law enforcement does a great job (safest place in Boston)

          With all that our officers do it is unreasonable to expect them to locate and stop a car driving and playing music, especially in a neighborhood set up like the north end. These cars you are talking about are not “posting up” on sidewalks and blaring music, they are driving by. Even if they were to be stopped there is very little police can do legally.

          1. I agree with that. Also are police expected to all be carrying decibel measuring equipment? Who determines what is loud? Could it stand up in court? Police can’t enforce a law that isn’t on the books. They can’t determine a violation without clearly written guidelines.

      2. RUKIDDINME, Thank you so much for your comment. James, I want to get “1” thing straight
        with you, I don’t expect the Cops to leave a Murder or Robbery Scene to come to the No. End
        for Loud Noise, especially if there is a shortage of Police. I guess when I am in N.Y.C. & any
        conversations I have had with N.Y.C. Police, they can’t believe how the city of Boston is
        operated. There is no shortage of Police Protection in N.Y.C. and if there is a fight in a bar
        someone will get arrested, if the paperwork is a problem & they hate doing it, well you know
        this going in, don’t become a cop. Are all our cops like this, NO, but they have taken the
        incidents that take place in the No. End too lightly. Our cops have covered up quite a bit for
        these fights that take place in bars, where people got hurt, destroyed property and no arrests
        were made. Are you kidding me James? I know of another incident where a girl got attacked
        near Ruggles Station, an employee from the area chased the guy, caught him & the police let
        him go because the girl was attached from behind & didn’t see the attacker’s face, but the
        guy working in the area did & slammed him to the ground & told the cops what happened &
        he was let go. They didn’t want to do the paperwork & used the excuse she couldn’t identify him.
        I have a lot of respect for the Police & more than the Police, our Firemen. They risk their lives
        everyday, and they all know this when they chose these jobs. In this small little neighborhood
        of ours with over 100 establishments, there is NOT enough Police Protection……………..

        1. Joan I guess we have different experiences then. I’d be very surprised tho if the streets of NYC did not have cars playing music as they drove by. I’d also be surprised if NYPD were pulling cars over for music. Just doesn’t happen in the city.

          I have lived here for decades and I am not to sure about the cover ups you speak of. I see police handle situations to the best of their ability all of the time. Not only do they break up the occasional fight and punish the ones responsible. They do a great job preventing them

          Also a friendly hint. I understand that any city can get a little loud on a Saturday night. That is why I purchased a cheap noise maker at the mall. Keeps me sleeping like a baby! Highly recommended.

        2. You have a fantasy vision of NYC that some tourist from out of town would get. NYC cops have a version of the city that they will tell to tourists. NYPD is riddled with litigation and the media their is the most anti-PD media of any place that I have ever been. Bars in NY have their own protection and when someone steps out of line, the cops just come by for the pick-up. I had a friend from youth who was 2nd generation NYPD. Whenever we went out he would always pick up his service revolver first. He was expected to respond even when off duty. My neighborhood was relatively peaceful. I did hear shots fired at night and learned to go to the floor immediately. Never knew whether I was hearing the first volley or someone was shutting up someone with a loud radio.

    2. You are seriously mad that the police didn’t respond to your call about someone driving by win a loud radio?? The Boston civilian to police ratio right now is about 300 to 1. Maybe you should consider that someone may be in real trouble before you go and waste the time of our undermanned police force.. Or try the national guard, I’m sure they’ll be right over to stop the car radio bandits!!

    3. Joan – So much of what you say is factually incorrect. i agree with James on the white noise maker. Having lived in the North End for 20 years, it served me well. As for cars blaring music, this is a national problem — even in the burbs. I get around and stay in a lot of different settings in the U.S. with friends and family. Except when I am in laced up places like Pinehurst or gated communities outside cities like Dallas, boom box cars pass — a lot. After 20+ years in Boston, I left because my “time” had ended there. I was watching too much I loved change or die, especially some of the (good) grit. At any rate, I do think signs and enforcement can set the tone, such as you mention with respect to Hyannis. However, the reality is that the City of Boston is compact, dense, noisy and crazy hectic. It’s not going to change, and it will never be the way the noise haters want. As for the Boston Police, I have lived in five major cities. I have yet to meet a force with so few blemishes and such amazing community outreach. And the last time I checked, NYC cops are not conversant on the goings on in Boston. / Take care, Brian

      1. since you no longer live here, how do you know what is or is not factually correct now about the North End or Boston?

      2. Brian, Thanks again for your input. It is going to take a lot more than White Noise to block out
        any sound, for me anyway. I still think somebody should reach out to N.Y.C. Police and get some input from them. It maybe a shot in the dark, but anything is worth trying. The people running this
        city are trying very hard to be like N.Y.C., but we definitely do not have that kind of police power,
        unfortunately for us. Michael said it the way it is, NO RESPECT. I hope you are happy where
        you are living now. You were an asset to this neighborhood. By the way Brian, the one thing
        that is factually correct, the police have made a lot of incidents in the neighborhood slide and
        there isn’t a doubt in my mind it has to do with Tourism. Happy Valentine Day.

  2. i would personally like to see the police incarcerate the motorcyclists who roar down commercial street when leaving the north end. that noise is loud, unnecessary, obnoxious and is not a typical to city living.

    1. Couldn’t agree more Truth. Summer’s coming, and so are the knuckle dragging wannabe bad guys who like to rev their toy bikes around the neighborhood. I wish they’d just stay home and play with their blocks.

  3. The bottom line is many of todays youth have no respect for anyone or anything. In their world it’s OK to have loud conversations in front of people’s residence at 2 or 3 AM & when they get that firewater in them it’s OK to yell & scream throughout the neighborhood.

  4. James, I know for a fact there have been fights with no arrests in bars/restaurants. From the Restaurant
    Owners mouth to my ears, and this is only 1 of many incidents in the No. End that have been covered
    up for the sake of Tourism. By the way, there is no Cheap or Expensive Noise Maker that drowns out
    these Loud Car Radios. How is it Hyannis Police can issue a fine at 5 p.m. in the afternoon for a
    loud car radio blasting & this is a Summer Resort Area, and our Boston Police can’t because this
    is suppose to be part of city living. B.S. The Hyannis Police don’t claim that because Hyannis is a
    Summer Resort area that they should accept this type of behavior. Why them & not us? Hyannis
    depends on Tourism too.

    Gaetano, I never made a call to the Police regarding Car Radios Blasting, and to you this might
    be a minor thing, but not to me & others that experience this type of behavior, and have to get
    up for work the next day. I do not appreciate
    your sarcastic remark about the National Guard either. You got a little carried away.

    I have witnessed N.Y.C. Police rush thru crowds( on their Horses) at People on the Streets, no fights, no screaming,
    just because there were too many people in 1 area & saw it fit to break it up before anything could
    take place. This is called a Prevention Tactic. If there are 300 People to 1 Cop in Boston, then someone should contact the N.Y.C
    Police & see how they handle matters. I said in a previous comment, I don’t expect the Cops to
    leave a Life or Death Situation & come to the No. End because of Noise, but I do expect them to
    make arrests when Drunks are slapping customers around in our Neighborhood Bars/Restaurants & are
    destroying Restaurant Property. If your mother, sister, daughter or wife was attacked from behind & someone
    came to their rescue & identified the attacker to cops, I think that is a great reason to make an arrest,
    I don’t ever want to think a cop could let someone go because the person that got attacked from
    behind couldn’t identify him. Are you guys insane, or just extremely controversial?

    Michael, You made an extremely Valid Point, NO RESPECT & that is the Bottom Line.

  5. I don’t go the ” politically correct” route so I will elaborate further on todays younger generation. Their lazy,selfish & greedy. We were all young once & lord knows that I enjoyed a good time as well as anyone & grew up with a pretty wild group, Granted most of us were poor & did not attend college but we were taught by are parents values, and to respect others & in plain English “not to —- where we ate” Some but not all of these people who come to this Neighborhood do not live here ,but are attending parties at the apartments & condos of people who do live here.As wild as some of my crew were we would never disturb elderly residents and families by our behavior.This area is becoming Allston/Brighton.

  6. Enough with the NYPD already. I think they do a great job, but have no backing in city hall since Blowhard took over and are constantly maligned by both the local and national press. The respect they received after 9/11 wore off quickly. The advice that they will give you is; if you want better police force, get a better government. You do that by voting for someone other than some softy Lib.

    One shocking stat that I heard was in 2012, after hundreds of DUI arrests in Boston, all cases were thrown out. Not one conviction. The sound you are probably hearing is from deaf-dumb inebriant. If judges don’t apply the penalty, how do you get them off the road?

  7. T. Mobile I can’t say enough about NYPD, and if you don’t agree that is fine. I was in N.Y.C. after
    911 and I very much like the way they operate. Whether it is a Democrat or Republican in the
    State House or a Democratic Mayor, there is a lot more that meets the eye. We need Politicians
    who are not run by Fundraisers. Hopefully a Billionaire out there can run for Mayor & Governor
    who will fight for the people and not for the Money Guys. Boston is getting more congested by
    the minute, and along with all this congestion and building we are definitely going to have more
    problems, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. These incidents taking place in Boston are nothing,
    wait until the Summer gets here, and when the Casino comes to Everett, it will be even worse.
    T. Mobile, I hope and pray that I am wrong, but the writing is on the wall.

  8. Michael, If people do NOT have cameras on their property, while you & I & others might be gambling
    this gives every theft a chance to rob homes, I hope I am wrong again, but if they are robbing apts.
    & condos now I can’t imagine what is going to happen when they see the buses transporting those
    from our neighborhood to the casino. As I have said in the past, if you can afford to own a
    building, the City should make it mandatory to have a Camera on the property to protect not only
    the property owner but their tenants, who might be paying outrageous rent & it makes the police job
    easier, since there is such a great shortage.

  9. Joan OF ARC, I could not agree more with the use of surveillance cameras in the NE, especially from the owners of these establishments & landlords who are raking in the dough.To this day there has not been one person brought to justice in the sexual assaults that plagued the NE for years.Mostly due to the lack the lack of cameras.

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