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Globe Highlights Expansion of Paul Revere House Museum


Lathrop Place Builidng Exterior - Before (left) and After (Source: Paul Revere House Memorial Association)

Annelena Lobb of the Boston Globe writes about the ongoing Lathrop Place expansion and fundraising campaign of the Paul Revere House Museum.

“The organization that runs the Paul Revere House is trying to raise $4 million in its first-ever capital campaign to expand the historic North End site. The nonprofit Paul Revere Memorial Association, which operates the home of the Revolutionary War patriot, is in the process of restoring a neighboring 1835 two-family house that it bought for $1 million in 2007 to expand the historic site, which gets about 250,000 annual visitors. The group has already raised $1.5 million and is continuing construction as additional funds come in.” Read the Globe article.

The facility will include youth and family program space, restrooms, museum shop, midnight ride exhibit and displays. It will also include an elevator offering full handicapped access to all floors as well as to the second floor of the Paul Revere House for the very first time. The Paul Revere House currently hosts over 250,000 visitors per year.

Before renovation, the c.1835 Lathrop Place building. Describing Lathrop Place, Zannieri said, “This building belongs to the community. This is a classic North End building with a history. It is a prime example of what was on many street corners in the North End.” The building will add 3,600 square feet to the museum.

Read about Executive Director Nina Zannieri’s neighborhood presentation regarding the expansion process.