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Globe’s Yvonne Abraham: The Candy Bar Column

Francis Shea and the 5-pound Hersey Bar. Globe Photo, Essdras M. Suarez

The North End’s Francis Shea and his candy bar charity drive makes it big in the Boston Globe today where columnist Yvonne Abraham writes the story. After winning a 5 pound Hersey Bar, the 10-year old St. John School student decided to hold a raffle for the bar to benefit a cystic fibrosis charity. From the Globe interview:

“I thought of cancer, then I thought of cystic fibrosis,” he said. His beloved art teacher at the Nazzaro, Josephine Lepore, has a granddaughter with the latter disease, and the center has held fund-raisers for research in the past, “so I knew it was a bad disease,” the boy said.

He went right back out on to the street again, this time hitting up locals and tourists to buy one raffle ticket for $1, six tickets for $5, or 25 tickets for $20. At first, he’d hoped to raise $500. He blew past that in a few weeks. So far, he’s up to $1,073.

It doesn’t hurt that he’s doing this in a tight, magical neighborhood, where the streets are alive every day and where everybody still knows everybody despite massive gentrification. Also helpful: The kid is adorable. The raffle will be drawn on Thursday at the Nazzaro’s annual barbecue. Read the full article.

The Nazzaro Center’s Carl Ameno first published this story about a month ago.