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North End Children’s Center Looking for Toys

The North End Children’s Center at the North End Community Health Center is looking for replacement toys and equipment. See the note below from Director Tim Clifford. (Via the NEWMA bulletin board.)

I want to thank all of you who kindly offered to help us with replacing our lost supplies and toys. On June 6th, when we had a series of fast and heavy rain storms, the storm drain couldn’t handle the water and it filled our alley and ultimately we had some water damage in the the two preschool rooms. All of our paper goods, teaching files and some toys were lost as well as the computer CPU.

On the up side, the contractors are nearly done with restoring the center. We
are freshly painted, floors are going in as I type and the storm drain has been
replaced. A lot of money was laid out to fix all this and our program took a big
hit financially.

I was asked to put together a starter list of items people might consider
donating to the center. We do not know yet all that was lost as the abatement
crew bagged and tossed what was wet. When we set up again, we will have a better
handle on it. I do know that all the art supplies are gone.

Construction paper
Rolls of drawing paper
Contact paper
Tissue paper
Rolls of streamers
Dress-up clothes
House area plastic foods & dishes
Books with a cassette tape or CD read along
Books based on kids songs (Itsy Spider, 5 little ducks, This Land is Your Land)
CD/Radio/tape player (3)
A new CPU for the flat screen monitor that survived
Kids computer educational games
Toys and age appropriate games

I truly appreciate your generous offer and am moved by your kindness. The
children appreciate it even more!

In the near future (September hopefully) we will host an open house and invite
you all to come tour. If you know anyone Preschoolers (age 2 years and 9 months to age 6 years) please point them in our direction as we will soon lose many to Kindergarten. The Toddler group is still  full and booked out for a year.

Sincerely, Tim

Timothy A. Clifford, Director
North End Children’s Center
at the North End Community Health Center
Patient Safety Officer
Safety Committee Chairman
332 Hanover Street
Boston, MA 02113-1901
(617) 643-8007 phone
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