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Vote for “Dark Tide” in’s Reading Program

DarkTidePuleoBookCover (1)Vote for your favorite book in the new reading program. If you live or work in the North End, “Dark Tide,” by Stephen Puleo, is the natural choice!  “Dark Tide” is the story of the Great Molasses Flood of 1919 when a tidal wave of molasses — 2.3 million gallons — flooded the North End, killing 21 people. Puleo also examines the larger issues in Boston at the time that led to the collapse of the tank.

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The Book Club
“After lamenting the absence of a One Book, One City program in Boston, the Globe decided to launch an experiment: a citywide reading program of its own. Here’s how the Globe online book club will work: What follows is a list of 10 books, many of which were culled from readers’ suggestions. The list — we hope — has something for everyone; each book certainly has plenty of meat for discussion. The only theme: All the books have local interest. Readers will have one week to vote for their pick (voting closes July 13). Once the winner is announced participants will then have a month to read the book. At the end of the month will host a discussion with an expert moderator.”
—Nicole Lamy, Globe Staff

As of this writing, “Dark Tide” was nearly tied with “All Souls,” by Michael Patrick McDonald and ahead of “Common Ground,” by Anthony Lukas. Short descriptions of all the nominee books is available here. Voting closes on July 13th.

Once again, vote at the following website:

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  1. Out of all the books there I think you are right. Both because of the significance for the neighborhood and because it honestly sounds like the most interesting book.

    As of posting this it looks like Dark Tide is in the lead.

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