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Greenway Gets Free Wi-Fi Internet Access

GreenwayWiFiFree Wi-Fi internet access is now available on the Greenway parks from the North End to Chinatown. Look for the “Greenway” wireless network on your laptop, phone or other device.

A 7-person, Watertown-based company, Anaptyx, was paid $100,000 by the Greenway Conservancy to set up the system, which consists of 16 radios. The firm donated some of the equipment and a year’s worth of network maintenance which is expected to cost $7,000 to $15,000 a year.

The City of Boston supplied the fiber-optic lines and servers connecting to its other free wi-fi networks in various public places, such as Christopher Columbus Park, Boston Common and Government Center Plaza. The Greenway network will also allow workers to remotely monitor the fountains, lighting, and irrigation systems.

At a meeting held today by the Greenway Conservancy Board of Directors, management indicated they can control access to the network if they find abuse. For example, users can be bumped off every 30 minutes if nearby buildings are found using it as their primary network. Pictures were also shown of the very small radios installed on poles and nearby buildings. Each radio is expected to reach approximately 200 feet.

See our new map for more free wi-fi locations near the North End/Waterfront area.