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Boston Magazine Reports on LNG Tankers in Boston Harbor

Photo: Brendan O’Brien
Photo: Brendan O’Brien

Boston Magazine presents an in-depth piece in its July issue on LNG tankers in Boston Harbor.

“LNG tankers have been controversial ever since they started steaming through Boston Harbor to port in Everett in 1971, but became even more so after 9/11. If terrorists caused even 10 percent of the typical LNG tanker’s payload to spill and ignite, the resulting fire could be calamitous, according to a 2004 report by Sandia National Laboratories for the U.S. Department of Energy. The study didn’t publicly estimate casualties for Boston; in fact, no study has since 1977, when the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission estimated that up to 3,000 would die. Today, when the city’s population of 610,000 swells to more than one million on workdays, the number could be higher. It’s not hard to imagine why Boston remains the country’s only major city with an LNG terminal.”

The article also compiles a table of where the LNG actually goes:

30-40%  Algonquin Gas and Tennessee Gas Pipelines
30-40%  Mystic Power Plant
  8-10%  Trucked to Tanks
10-20%  Homes in Greater Boston

Read the full Boston Magazine article.

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