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NEWRA Supports Two Alcohol License Amendments

The North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association supported two amendments to neighborhood alcohol licenses at their May 13th meetting. For Caffe Graffiti, it was outdoor patio seating on the Cross St. sidewalk and for Cafe Sapori Di Napoli, it was the addition of liqueurs to its existing beer & wine license. About 30 voting NEWRA members were in attendance, despite an announcement that membership included over 360 residents.

First on the agenda was Luigi DeMarco and his attorney presenting for Caffe Graffiti at 64 Cross Street to add outdoor patio service at tables with 36 seats on the sidewalk plaza. The presentation was essentially the same as previously seen at meetings for the NEWRA Zoning, Licensing & Construction Committee and the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council.

NEWRA’s Treasurer Sanjoy Mahajan and ZLC co-chair David Kubiak proposed making NEWRA’s vote contingent on other changes related to transportation and adjacent businesses. Other residents, including myself, objected, believing those changes were not in Caffe Graffiti’s control and unrelated to the request for outdoor patio service. A motion was made to vote on the amendment when Mahajan tried again to amend the motion with contingencies. President Mark Paul rejected that notion and the vote proceeded solely for the original application for outdoor patio service. The membership voted 25-4, supporting the license amendment.

The other license amendment was for Cafe Sapori di Napoli’s request to add liqueurs to their existing beer & wine license. Giovanni & Vincenzo Grimaldi presented similar to previous meetings at NEWRA’s ZLC and NEWNC. Closing hours are 11:00pm on weekdays and 12am midnight on Fridays & Saturdays. With little discussion, the NEWRA membership voted 27 in support and 6 in opposition.

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