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221-227 Commercial St. Receives NEWRA Support For Variance Before Sale

Kevin Curry presented a zoning variance to the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association, as co-owner of 221-227 Commercial Street which he owns with Nick DiMori. The owners are requesting to legalize the ATM that has existed on the property for several years.

221-227 Commercial Street, Occupied by Lavanderia
221-227 Commercial Street, Occupied by Lavanderia

The owners have an agreement to sell the property to Gary Petti who operates Lavanderia Cleaners on the site. A closing is expected in June 2010. No indication was given for the future use of the property.

In response to questions on the multiple billboards on the property, Curry indicated that the new owner will have to deal with any permitting issues. Curry also said the gas tanks were removed in 1985 after the property was used as a gas station. As part of the sale, environmental tests have been performed on the site.

NEWRA’s membership voted 21-11 in support of the variance.