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Quiet on the Crime Front in North End/Waterfront

The April 1st NEWNC Public Safety meeting was quiet, reflecting a significant decline crime reports.

Sergeant Tom Lema and Officer Teddy Boyle reported that February 2010 incidents (latest month available) totaled 16, a large decline from 24 incidents in the same month last year. Year-to-date, there were 30 total incidents, down nearly 20% from last year. In February, and likely for March as well, the weather was so bad, even the criminals stayed away from the North End/Waterfront.

There have been no homicides or sexual assault incidents reported year-to-date. In February, police reported five vehicle break-ins, down from twelve last year. Tickets were given for 156 moving violations and 292 parking citations.

There were 4 reports of domestic violence, an increase in this typically minor category in the North End. Two of these reports came from Fulton Street, one on Henchman Street and one on Clark Street. The Clark Street incident was reported in the Boston Herald where a boyfriend and girlfriend were fighting over a TV show. The boyfriend used the TV remote clicker as a weapon against the girlfriend.

Am arrest took place near the corner of Prince and Commercial Streets when a call for disorderly conduct revealed a warrant outstanding for a suspect of stealing vehicle inspection stickers. Another arrest occurred at 12 Foster St. where a Medford resident was identified for having 3 outstanding charges for larceny and ID theft.

There was an assault reported at the area of Clinton St. & Surface Road where a man was beat up after coming from a club. A robbery was reported at the old gas station at 181 N. Washington St. The suspect stole $125 from a parking attendant threatening the victim with a steak knife.

Two breaking & entering incidents were reported. At Lewis Wharf, a laptop was stolen from an office through a broken window. At 8 Battery Street, a resident noticed her lock was tampered while she was out walking her dog.

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The Boston Police have introduced a new website format at and encourage residents & merchants to sign-up for crime alerts online. All forms, permits & applications can be found there as well.

Look for the weekly Police Blotter for up-to-date crime reports posted here on In response to a question at the meeting, the police will present information on texting crime reports at the May meeting.

The next NEWNC Public Safety meeting is May 6th, 6:30 pm at the Nazzaro Center, 30 N. Bennet St. All are welcome to attend.

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