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North End Eating Meetup Group Reviews a Delicious Year

The North End Eating Meetup group had a busy first year. Led by North Ender, Jim Salini, the group held 19 events at the following establishments from April 2009 through March 2010.

Antico Forno-Lunch
Caffe Paradiso-Dessert
Caffe Vittoria-Dessert
Cantina Italiana-Dinner
Joe’s American Bar & Grill-Brunch
Living Room-Brunch, Appetizers
Lucia Ristorante-Dinner, Family Style Dinner
Mamma Maria-Dinner Banquet
Ristorante Fiore-Lunch, Dinner
Sel de la Terre-Wine Tasting, Brunch

In addition, they took a walking tour of the North End, attended the Fisherman’s Feast and Feast of St. Anthony, shopped at the Haymarket stalls, watched the Columbus Day Parade, viewed the Trellis lighting in Columbus Park and had a brunch and a dinner during Restaurant Week.

In the next year, the group will continue to check out different restaurants in the North End/Waterfront area, such as Prezza, Bricco, Filippo’s, Monica’s and Joe Tecce’s. NEEM will also attend the Taste of the North End on May 14th at the New England Aquarium. Their next event is on April 7th, 2010, for the 2nd Annual Pizza Party at NEBO, followed by a visit to Caffe Vittoria for coffee and dessert.

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