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True Waterfront Living

The Boston Globe reports on the increasing trend to live on Boston Harbor during the winter season … meaning directly ON the water in a moored boat. On the Boston side, the article mentions the boaters that live at Lewis Wharf Marina and Waterboat Marina at Long Wharf. There are also groups in Charlestown, the Navy Yard and East Boston. Inexpensive living is the primary appeal (less than $300/month), and according to the article, internet access has made the lifestyle more appealing to baby-boomers. (Not to mention unobstructed water views!)

“The ranks of the self-proclaimed live-aboards include everyone from wealthy business owners in well-appointed yachts to students living in cramped, drafty boats that no longer move.  No matter their station, they share the pros and cons of living on the water through winter: They endure the storms that shake their berths, the constant maintenance boats require, and ice-covered docks that have left more than a few with stories of plunging into the harbor. But they insist there are perks aplenty.” Read the full article.

Below is a video from showing the live-aboard life.