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BRA to Chiofaro’s Harbor Garage Plan, “Hold On, Fella!”

The Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) issued a 60-page “scoping determination” (click here to open pdf) that will significantly delay developer Chiofaro’s plans to redevelop the Harbor Garage near the Aquarium. This document comes a few days after the State’s environmental agency issued is strong opposition to the current proposal (see previous posts here).

200906harborgaragephotoshop-1The BRA’s document is a long-winded explanation of all the work that need to be done as part of its Article 80, Large Project Review, before the project can gain approval. It assigns “homework” to the developer regarding shadows, traffic, wind and FAA plane paths. The BRA also indicated that it will be re-zoning the area in future months/years. Unlike the decision from the State, it doesn’t take a negative position on the project, but rather raises lots of questions.

In early 2009, the BRA started its Greenway District Planning Study, that will re-zone the areas around the Greenway for development. There have been a series of public meetings with a notable focus on the Harbor Garage site as a result of Chiofaro’s proposal. Similarly, the State has embarked on a revised Municipal Harbor Plan that could replace the one currently in place since 1991.

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