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Nick’s Deli and Segway Tours Heard by Licensing Board

Boston’s Licensing Board heard two applications this week, including C.V. licenses (food/non-alcoholic beverages) for Nick’s Famous Deli on 66 Cross Street and Segway Tours (Boston Gliders) on 75 Commercial Street.


Nick’s Famous Deli (66 Cross Street, the former Martignetti’s Liquors site) – Although the initial application indicated closing hours up to 2:00 am (with 4:00 am takeout), owner Nicola Varano agreed to close at 11:00 pm Monday – Thursday and 12:00 am on Friday/Saturday. The takeout window will also close with the store at the same hours. The deli has been operating under a temporary license.

The proposed hours are consistent with past precedent, so this application will not go before the neighborhood groups which usually do not consider non-alcoholic license applications.

Boston Gliders/Segway Tours (75 Commercial Street) – The use of Segways in the neighborhood has become a controversial topic which raises the profile of this application. Allan Danley has applied for a C.V. License to serve coffee and other non-alcoholic beverages in the first floor commercial space adjacent to the existing Segway Tours office in the Mercantile Building.  The new space will be used for viewing/marketing tour photos and serving beverage refreshments for Segway clients.  Hours of operation are up to 8:00 PM six days, Sundays 6:00 PM.

Before making its decision, the Licensing Board told the Segway store applicant to go before the neighborhood groups (NEWRA/NEWNC), both of which will hear the application at their upcoming February meetings.

One Reply to “Nick’s Deli and Segway Tours Heard by Licensing Board

  1. Ever wonder why there are no laws in Massachusetts governing the use of Segways? In many, if not all states that have laws, a drivers license is required to operate one of these machines and if allowed to operate on sidewalks, Segway riders must yield the right of way to pedestrians.
    With nationwide obesity reaching crisis levels and the small size of the North End (1.5 sq miles max) neighborhood and narrow sidewalks people should walk and enjoy the sights. Segway tours have no place in the North End. A CV license is NOT necessary….zip (or better yet WALK) over to Quincy Market, the Starbucks in Marriott Long Wharf, one of the carts in CC park or near the Aquarium during nice weather, the Golden Goose, Nonna’s (?) on North St, or any of the convenience stores and cafes on Hanover and Salem.

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