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“Nick’s Famous Deli” Re-Applies for Late-Night Food License

200907NicksFamousDeli_Nick “Nick’s Famous Deli,” owned by Nick Varano, has re-applied for a common victualler license for 66 Cross Street for food and non-alcoholic beverage service. This application was rescinded last summer after a negative reaction from abutters and neighborhood groups. The deli has been operating under a temporary license.

The license application is for a 2:00 am in-store service closing on weekends (11:00 pm weekdays) and a takeout window closing at 4:00 am.

This site is one of the spaces formerly occupied by Martignetti’s. Varano also owns Strega and Nico restaurants on Hanover Street. A new Strega has also been announced for Fan Pier at the Seaport.

The application to serve food is for 7 days, with the hours of 11am-11pm (Sun-Thurs) and 11am-2am (Fri/Sat). A take-out window is noted from 2am-4am in the license application.

A Licensing Board hearing has been set for January 27, 2010 at 10:00 am at City Hall.


4 Replies to ““Nick’s Famous Deli” Re-Applies for Late-Night Food License

  1. Nick is a nice guy and not a stupid man. So I wonder WHY he insists on trying to do this. He does not NEED a 4AM license, the North End does not need another place open until 4AM. The RESIDENTS of the North End do not want a 4AM license. Nick knows this. This will only lead to noise, crime, trash and trouble. Let the new business on the other side of the Greenway who applied for a 4AM license keep the drunks and trash over on Union St.

  2. So when is Nick Verano’s Famous Deli appearing before the neighborhood groups? The next meetings are in February and Nick KNOWS that he has to go before both neighborhood residents groups. Is it time for another letter writing and fax campaign to the licensing board?

  3. come on nick you don’t get enough business from us as it is? i personally spend money at strega or nicks famous at least twice a week don’t be so greedy

    your lasagna meatball dinner at nicks famous is terrific but doesn’t entitle you to a 4 am takeout close respect the neighborhood okay we give your restaurants PLENTY of business

  4. I can’t understand why Nick being Italian in an Italian Neighborhood would even think of doing take-out at 4 a.m when he is in a residental area and has abutters right behind his place of business. These are all working people trying to sleep and now to listen to these fly-by-nights from all over come into the North End to get a sandwich and hang around and yell. We don’t have enough problems? Nick, why do you want to add one more a 4 am license? Why don’t you try to respect the North End Residents and give them some peace of mind and appreciate what you already have? Everyone wants it ALL, as the saying goes. Money talks and sh*t walks. I respect you Nick, but getting this license (if its approved) you disappoint me. That’s my comment – you disappoint me as a businessman.
    Marie Simboli
    Vice president of the NEWNC

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