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News Round-up of North End Attack Outside Nazzaro Center

The news media is out in force reporting Saturday night’s attack outside the Nazzaro Center on N. Bennet Street (Polcari Playground). The latest details of the attack and community alert can be found at this previous post: Nazzaro Center Attack – Jack the Kisser?

WBZ-TV has a video report: Click here

Universal Hub makes the important point that the description of the suspect is very similar to the attack from last April: Click here

One of the more creepy video reports is from TV5/BostonChannel where the reporter guides random women from the street into the courtyard in front of the Nazzaro Center and acts out the assault up until the kissing part. Click here

Michael Ratty tweets a photo of the news vans parked outside the Nazzaro Center tonight: Click here

And a video clip from the Fox 25 Newscast with Alison Bologna: