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Italian Program at Caffe Paradiso

Ciao a Tutti!!
There are 3 separate courses being offered at Caffe Paradiso on Hanover Street beginning soon that are dedicated solely to “Independent and Proficient” speakers of Italian.

The courses are as follows:
1. Intermediate (B2) – Literature and Advanced Grammar 1 (Thursday evenings)
2. Upper Intermediate (C1) – Literature and Advanced Grammar 2 (Sunday afternoons)
3. Advanced (C2) – Italian Film and Advanced Topics (Sunday afternoons)

* The exact times of these 3 classes will be determined soon, and will partly depend on student’s availability. The details of these 3 “upper level” courses will be discussed at an orientation meeting that is scheduled to be held this weekend in the downstairs “classroom” of Caffe Paradiso at 255 Hanover Street. The orientation for these classes will take place on SUNDAY, JANUARY 24 FROM 4:00-5:00……after which an Italian movie ‘Mio fratello e`figlio unico’ will be shown on a huge screen for those in attendance
to enjoy.

Please note that this meeting is ONLY being scheduled for those who are at least INTERMEDIATE speakers of Italian who want detailed information about the 3 Upper level courses being offered.

If anyone that has read this posting is interested in one of these courses, or at least in attending this Orientation meeting on Sunday, then I suggest you contact me as soon as possible at the following
email address: ITALIANPROGRAM@GMAIL.COM……and/or you call me at the following phone number: 617-233-9876.

Seating for the orientation will be limited to approximately 15 people and there are already 8-9 people expected to be there.
Thank you.