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Part IV – LaMattina on Hanover St., Technology & “A Day in the Life”

This is the fourth and last in a series of articles from an interview with District 1 City Councilor Salvatore LaMattina following his recent inauguration. Councilor LaMattina is beginning his second full term representing the North End/Waterfront neighborhood as well as East Boston, Charlestown and parts of Beacon Hill & Downtown.
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Day in the Life of the District 1 City Councilor
LaMattina likes to be a hands-on councilor and is known for visiting houses to talk to constituents. “This is a full-time job and I am here everyday. I love going to the events. I love helping people and look forward to the phone calls from the neighborhoods.” He wants to be known as accessible at City Hall and being visible in the neighborhoods. “I especially like visiting the seniors. They’re great.” (View a photo album of “A Day in the District.”)

“I have a website that we will develop more this term.”( The Councilor also has a Facebook page but does not Twitter as some of his other council members. LaMattina hopes to send out emails every 2 weeks informing the community about his activities. He supports the Mayor’s initiatives to use technology to handle constituent requests and is developing similar systems for his own office to track the problems.

Hanover Street Initiative
LaMattina has chosen Hanover Street to be a special project during his second term. A few years ago, he proposed closing part of the street to vehicle traffic which received a negative neighborhood reaction and one of LaMattina’s “lesson learned.”

Along with State Representative Aaron Michlewitz, he hopes to get both State and City money to fund an independent evaluation of how to improve the famous street.

One possibility is making Hanover Street into a one-way street. “If you look at Hanover Street on busy weekends, people can’t walk down the street, there is constant double-parking and its too noisy.”

“I get upset when I see trucks delivering to restaurants after 12pm because it creates a mess. That’s something we need to work on with the businesses.”

Closing Thought
In closing, Councilor LaMattina summed up his message for his second term with “I can get things done.” He encourages residents and businesses to contact his office and promises that every call and letter will receive a response.

Phone: 617-635-3200
Neighborhood Services: Kathy Carangelo-McIsaac:

Thank you to Councilor LaMattina for granting this interview and taking the time to discuss the issues.