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Police Report a Calm Month in the Neighborhood

L-R, Boston Police Officer Teddy Boyle, Sgt. Tom Lema and NEWNC Public Safety Chair, Robert “Bobby D” Decristoforo.

November was a calm and largely uneventful month, according to Sergeant Tom Lema and Officer Teddy Boyle who led this month’s NEWNC Public Safety Meeting, along with committee chair Robert “Bobby D” DeCristoforo. The two officers, along with Captain O’Rourke were recently honored at this year’s awards dinner sponsored by North End Against Drugs.

There were no homicides, sexual assaults or robberies in the neighborhood during November. Larcenies were down to 4 from 7 last year. The police gave 191 moving violations and 461 parking citations during the month. There were five arrests, four for drugs and 1 disorderly house.

On November 11th, a drug bust was made at Hanover & Union Streets where a substantial amount of crack cocaine was found.

On November 13th, a marijuana delivery operation was uncovered where the suspect was using UPS to receive and distribute. City police worked with Federal and postal units as part of this investigation.

At 28 Fleet St. a disruptive, loud party was broken up by police. There was one arrest made of a Suffolk University student. The University is likely to proceed with a suspension/eviction due to the incident. This address was one of the three “problem properties” the police have warned for past incidents. The other problem properties are at 443 and 224 Hanover Street. Residents reported the situation has improved at 443 Hanover St.

Daily Catch on Hanover St. had 50 pounds of shrimp stolen from its freezer as someone entered through the rear door of the restaurant during the day.

Boston Police are encouraged by the year-over-year improvements in the incident statistics in the North End/Waterfront area. Year-to-date, there have been 6 sexual assaults (down from 11 last year), 6 robberies (down from 11), 17 assaults (down from 27). Police noted that some of the Faneuil Hall and Causeway (TD Garden) area is also included in the North End numbers.

The police recently did an informal survey of shop owners in the neighborhood and Faneuil Hall. Incidents of shoplifting appear to also be lower than last year. In the North End, CVS is a target for shoplifters, especially razor blades which are open on the shelves. An increase in walking and bicycle officers on the street are largely attributed for the improvement. The recently added bicycle officer has been aggressively targeting double-parking on Hanover St., as well as motorcycle noise.

In response to resident questions about pending live entertainment licenses, the police said they are “totally against it.” If live entertainment increases in the North End, the police would expect a proportional increase in disorderly complaints. The officers often testify at licensing hearings and typically oppose increases in liquor licenses and late hours. They see a concerning “creep” of such activity by the licensing officials.

The police shared information about how the later hours have impacted Chinatown where 7 restaurants were grandfathered with 4am licenses. They note that the majority of crime incidents occurs between 2am-4am in that neighborhood.

The officers make the distinction between commercial districts like Downtown Crossing and residential areas such as the North End/Waterfront. Approximately 30,000  Boston revelers leave the bars at 2am on weekend nights, all at the same time. This is a challenge for the police at high traffic areas such as TD Garden, Faneuil Hall but even worse on Hanover St. where the revelers empty onto residential streets.

The next NEWNC public safety meeting is Thursday January 7th, 6:30pm at the Nazzaro Center. See the Calendar for all meetings.