Mayoral Political Article Roundup

Bar group backs Michael Flaherty in bid to boost nightlife

Boston Herald
“The Boston Nightlife Coalition – a group of frustrated nightclub owners and promoters who have banded together against Menino – has packed recent fund-raisers for Flaherty and his campaign partner, City Councilor Sam Yoon. The group also has taken out a full-page magazine ad and has been handing out fliers urging people to vote Flaherty/Yoon if they want:

  • Bars and clubs to stay open later
  • Late-night dining options
  • The T to run all night
  • A fair liquor and entertainment license process”

Below is a video clip of Flaherty’s message to the hospitality industry.

Menino exudes confidence as Flaherty works the city
– Boston Globe
“The only hint of mayoral politics came when Flaherty complained that the Menino administration had not responded promptly to his request for a list of all the calls pertaining to rats in the North End that had been placed to the mayor’s hot line and to the city’s Inspectional Services Department. Flaherty filed a measure seeking the information last week, after Menino said earlier this month that he had not been alerted to the rodent problem. “It’s interesting that the administration was able to delete e-mails,’’ Flaherty declared on the Council floor, but “isn’t as diligent’’ at providing information about rodents.

Dot Joyce, a spokeswoman for Menino, said city inspectors have been working closely with residents and business owners in the North End to rid the area of “these unwelcome guests.’’ She insisted the mayor was well aware of the problem.”

Bad News about Taxes, and of course City Hall is hiding the numbers

From the blog of Kevin McCrea, former mayoral candidate, that has since endorsed Flaherty/Yoon.

Mayor, City Hall Still In Love With Tall Towers – Banker & Tradesman
“Developers looking to build skyward along a key corridor connecting the Back Bay and the Theater District would get a green light under a new set of proposed development guidelines now being weighed by the Boston Redevelopment Authority. Traditional caps on height would be lifted for tower developers who agree to pay to play, and pitch in millions for everything from “public art” to affordable housing units, under a set of the proposed rules under consideration at the BRA.”

4 Terms Later, For Better or Worse
– Boston Globe

Mixed Results As Confidence in Schools Appears to Erode – Boston Globe

The Globe endorses Menino and Blue Mass Group questions the endorsement.

Daily Free Press Endorses Flaherty while the Ward 3 Democratic Committee endorsed Menino.

2 Replies to “Mayoral Political Article Roundup

  1. I have to laugh at those ads. I answer no to all of the questions, the fourth based on the biased use of the word fair. If Flaherty does not directly speak out against these people, he implicitly endorses them.

  2. Flaherty supporters posted home made flyers in the North End over the weekend telling people who are tired of having their sleep broken due to parties and drunks should vote for Floon if they want a better neighborhood and quality of life. Do these people think the rest of us are stupid? They speak with forked tongues. Flaherty PROMISED the tavern owners longer hours. He supports 4AM licenses! What a joke!
    They also suggested that Floon would play Pied Piper and get rid of all the rats. I guess if they close all of the restaurants, the Freedom trail with all those tourists, the drunks from all the bars, the trash pickers, and turn the harbor into a landfill the rats will disappear.

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