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Deadline to File Residential & Personal Exemption Applications June 1

As part of Boston’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Walsh extended the fiscal year 2020 residential and personal exemption applications deadline. This year’s deadline is Tuesday, June 1, 2020. The City has a number of tax relief programs for those homeowners who occupy the property as their principal residence. This year, the residential exemption Read More…

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City of Boston Accepting 2018 Property Tax Prepayments

In light of the recently passed Federal Tax Bill, the City of Boston is accepting prepayments before year-end for 2018 third quarter property taxes, normally due February 1st. Starting in 2018, taxpayers will no longer be allowed to deduct state and local property and income taxes over $10,000 from their federal income taxes. Given the Read More…

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Neighborhood Council Hammers Public Works on North End Trash Problems [Video]

Members of the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) expressed strong disappointment with the trash situation in the North End to city officials. Frank O’Brien, Public Works Department, reviewed the recent North End Trash Survey results that confirmed residents desire to keep 3 days of weekly trash pickup. Although the survey reflected a rising Read More…

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Tax Officials Present to NEWRA

City tax officials presented at the January 14th North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) meeting regarding the recent increase in the property tax. Representing the City’s assessing department were John Tagliatella and Richard Cohen. The department recently revalued 146,000 parcels including 56,000 condos as it does once every three years. The assessment of property was driven Read More…

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City Hikes Property Tax Rate by 11.8%

The City of Boston has announced a property tax rate increase for fiscal 2010 with the residential rate going up by 11.8% and the commercial rate up by 8.4%. The tax rate is one of the two factors that will result in total property tax bills. The second factor is the property’s assessed value, which is surveyed every three years. Residents should have received a recent notice of the change in their assessment. Overall, the City’s assessed values went down by 3.5% although certain areas have increased. Anecdotal reports show a mix of increases and decreases in the North End/Waterfront area, although several properties on the waterfront saw their assessments go up substantially.

The rate will increase from $10.63 per $1,000 in assessed value to $11.88. The commercial rate for businesses will also increase from $27.11 per $1,000 of assessed value to $29.38.

The City blamed the increase mostly on a decrease in State aid and said the rate is the first increase in three years. The increase will increase the total tax by $65 million to $1.465 billion. Bills will be sent out in a few weeks with a due date of February 1, 2010.

Below is the press release from the City.