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Breaking & Entering Advisory Bulletin Issued by Boston Police District A-1

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Boston Police District A-1

Breaking & Entering

Advisory Bulletin

We recommend that constituents follow these

security measures to protect their residences

and/or businesses from being broken into.    

Use sturdy doors.

Solid wooden doors or doors reinforced with steel offer much more protection than hollow core wooden doors.

Use safe locks.

Adding quality deadbolt locks is a great idea because they can’t be ‘popped’ the way spring-latch locks can.

Don’t buzz people into the building without knowing who they are.

A thief might use many disguises and ruses and also pose as someone that they’re not.

Strangers should be questioned as to their business in a building.

This can be done in a polite way and is essential. Strangers become accountable.

Check restrooms and closets during and at the end of the work day.

Lock windows.

When you are not at home, always lock your first floor windows.

Security alarm systems

Most systems have loud sirens. Certain systems alert the alarm company to contact the police to respond to the home. Security decals are also placed on doors and windows as a deterrent.

In a single family home or a multi-dwelling building, the outer hallway door should be locked.

If a thief has access to the inner hallway, the thief now has a cover from the public’s eye and extra time to break through the front door without being noticed.

Introduce yourself to your neighbor. Consider having a neighbor or friend watch your home when you’re on vacation.

Turn on your front and rear porch lights at dusk so that the outside of the house is well light around the entrances.

When the house is unattended, leave on a radio or sound fixture and also use timers on some inside lights to leave an impression that someone is home.

If you observe unusual activity call 9-1-1 or have information concerning break-ins, please don’t hesitate to call District 1 Detectives at #343-4248. If you have any other concerns, contact the Community Service Office at #343-4627.