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Interim Trash and Clean Up Plan for Haymarket

Peter Gori from the Boston Redevelopment Authority spoke at the November NEWRA meeting regarding an interim trash and storage system for Parcel 9. This is the Haymarket/Blackstone Street parcel where 4 proposals were received for development. MassDoT has yet to determine a winner. The BRA recommended the residential proposal by Eastat and the Boston Museum. The caveat with the Museum was lack of financing, putting the $50 million apartment proposal as the most likely to be designated.

In the meantime, new storage and three trash compactors will be installed on Parcel 9 for the use by the Haymarket vendors. One compactor will be used for cardboard, one for organic material that will go to a local pig farm and the third compactor will be for everything else. The enclosed storage area will be replacing the pallets and tent equipment that exist today.

Mr. Gori explained that in discussions with the Haymarket Pushcart Association, the goal is to clean up the Haymarket area which has become increasingly unkempt in recent years. The program will also set a process in place that will survive the new development where the pushcart vendors will use a similar indoor storage and trash system. Installation is scheduled for Spring 2010 as in interim solution to clean up the area.

The trash system at Haymarket is not intended for resident trash.

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  1. Haymarket smells like sweaty feet in the heat of summer. Instead of plowing the trash and rotten food remains into the grout of the beautiful and historic Freedom trail, the city may consider a soapy powerwash.

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