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Questions Abound for Parcels 9 and 7

Parcel 9 is core to the vision of a Market District
Parcel 9 is core to the vision of a Market District

This week, Paul McMorrow writes two insightful articles in Banker & Tradesman regarding the fate of two parcels adjacent to the North End, Parcel 9 (abutting Haymarket/ Blackstone St) and Parcel 7 (garage with vacant space). Both parcels are in the long awaited, but still non-existent “Market District” across from the Greenway’s North End parks.

Did Turnpike Kill Parcel 7 Bidders To Speed Nearby Development Projects?

In Final Meeting, Turnpike Board Leaves Unfinished Business

The unfinished business refers to the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority’s failure to designate a developer for Parcel 9. This was the last opportunity before MassPike merges with other state transportation agencies. The favorite going into the meeting was Eastat’s $40 million residential apartment project with the ground floor dedicated to space for a public market including Haymarket vendors. However, the Boston Museum has been very aggressive in making its last minute pitches, despite the need for a lengthy capital campaign to fund its $120 million proposal.

parcel7Last week, MassPike discarded the two bidders for Parcel 7 indicating that neither would generate enough revenue. McMorrow questions that conclusion, “Previously-confidential documents obtained by Banker & Tradesman show the Pike turned down a deal from Boston-based developers WinnCompanies that would have paid top-market rents and returned all but a modest slice of revenues to the Authority.”

McMarrow goes further in speculating that Parcel 7 was put on the backburner to clear the way for a quick path on Parcel 9. His sources indicate the agency, “will need a way to speed construction while appeasing the Haymarket Pushcart Association, which has used Parcel 9 for trash and storage. Storage could move to the garage building’s still-vacant retail space” on Parcel 7.

For now, the vision of a year-round public market centered around these two parcels remains clouded. McMarrow quotes the BRA pondering the same questions, “We understood the board would be taking a vote today,” Boston Redevelopment Authority director John Palmieri told Banker & Tradesman. “I’m surprised they failed to act.”

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  1. The Boston Museum has been touting this project and trying unsuccessfully to raise funds since 1999, first for a project on City Hall Plaza, then on the Greenway on a ramp parcel near Fulton St (I never did learn the numbering system), and now this. After 10 years of failing miserably, they should give it a rest and move on. Few people are interested in giving them money. Fewer are interested in visiting their museum. Nobody wants the traffic and pollution that would come with this project.

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