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FAA Crashes Chiofaro’s Towers

The revised Chiofaro plan for the Harbor Garage Redevelopment took another hit as the Federal Aviation Administration said it cannot accept any plan over 407 feet, which is the current size of the existing Harbor Towers. It is very interesting that the FAA height limit is much lower than MassPort’s air corridor limit of 625 feet at the site per their map around Logan airport.

These recommendations question the progress of the Chiofaro project for two towers on the existing garage site. Both organizations only have advisory powers without any legal zoning authority. But what zoning authority is going to allow a project that interferes with Logan’s flight paths, which are key to the transportation infrastructure?

Image showing Chiofaro's proposed black towers as the highest buildings on the waterfront skyline.
Image showing Chiofaro’s proposed black towers as the highest buildings on the waterfront skyline.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority is likely to heavily weigh the FAA recommendations in its pending study of development around the Rose Kennedy Greenway. This district study is due later this year or early in 2010.

For his part, Chiofaro is quoted in the articles below as saying, “The notice from the FAA today does not ean we cannot build higher than 407 feet, it just means we need to go through a further review process to get there.” Really? Sounds like someone is in denial.

There is general agreement that some type of development to replace the garage would be beneficial. The BRA’s Greenway study scenarios show heights in-line with Rowes Wharf and the surrounding buildings, with the highest scenario matching that of Harbor Towers 40 story structures.

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