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The Boston Harbor Association Comments On Chiofaro Plan – OK With Height?

The Boston Harbor Association’s influential Vivien Li commented on the Chiofaro proposal in a Banker & Tradesman piece titled “Chiofaro Plan May Be Welcome At Waterfront.” If you are a B&T subscriber, you can read the entire article.

Regarding height, TBHA appears to be less concerned than others going above the current 155 foot zoning currently in place at the site:

“We at The Boston Harbor Association believe that height in and of itself is not necessarily a negative aspect. During the review process, we will be attentive to the wind and shadow impacts of the project upon the pedestrian experience, upon open spaces and parks, and upon users of the watersheet.”

Importantly, TBHA is looking toward the greater impact on the waterfront area:

“State “Chapter 91” tidelands regulations specify a 50 percent open space requirement and a 155 feet height limitation at this location. A Municipal Harbor Plan Amendment will be necessary for substitutions to these standards. At public meetings in April and May, the question of whether this project will set height and open space precedents at adjacent waterfront sites, such as the New England Aquarium and 255 State Street, has been raised and will no doubt be carefully watched by other waterfront property owners.”

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  1. You should read her and the Aquarium’s BRA comment letters, which are available from the BRA – very different tone — both of them are very negative on the project, as they should be!

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