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NEWNC Goes to the Movies, Hears Fortunes & Zoning Issues

The North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) met on several community issues at its September 14th meeting.

See for the detailed minutes. Here is a summary:

Movie Filming in the North End – Three movie companies presented their plans to the council regarding the use and impact of North End streets over the next few weeks. These presentations were to provide the City, Police and movie studios feedback on their proposals. The City has yet to issue permits or conditions. City of Boston Film Bureau’s Patti Papa introduced the three proposals.

  • “The Town”, starring Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall and Jon Hamm, is proposing to have extensive street closings mostly around Salem Street and the area around Pizzeria Regina. Several North End streets will be impacted including N. Margin, Thacher, Parmenter, Snowhill, Charter, Foster, Margaret Streets during the dates from October 1 through October 13th. Filming will also occur from Commercial Street across the Charlestown Bridge which is a major fixture in the film. Several business owners raised concerns to the City of Boston’s Film Bureau regarding lost business. “Shake the Tree” and “Aquire” indicated that insufficient notice was given during last week’s filming at Neptune Oyster. Several organizations such as Pizzeria Regina, Neptune Oyster and St. Anthony’s Society have already made agreements with the film studios. Phil Orlandella suggested that the City have a meeting with business owners. Concerns can be relayed to the location manager, Patrick Mignano at 617-519-1545 or Patti Papa at City Hall at 617-635-3911.
  • Residents brought up trash, parking, traffic and safety concerns. Cars with resident stickers will receive coupons to park elsewhere. Trash will be picked up by the studios. Pedestrians traffic will generally be open except during actual filming. There is a “van blow-up/fire” scene, along with several car chases and stunts. Concerns can be relayed to the location manager, Patrick Mignano at 617-519-1545 or Patti Papa at City Hall.
  • The film formerly known as “Wichita”, now unnamed, starring Tom Cruse and Cameron Diaz, will not be filming in the North End, but nearby on Rutherford Avenue near Sullivan Square. Traffic to and from that area will be impacted on three Saturdays, October 3, 10 and 17. They have set up a website:
  • “Oxymoron” is a local, independent film from Damien DiPaola‘s Moodswing Films who also owns Ristorante Damino on Hanover Street. This low-budget, dark, anti-addiction film is proposing to film on Saturday, September 19th from 8am – noon on Prince Street (between Commercial & Salem Streets). An actor will fall on a car and be chased down the street with a gun. They intend to have a police detail. Jeremy Fiske is the contact at 508-864-6422.

105 Prince Street (David Roderick) – Zoning variance to expand headhouse. NEWNC voted 9-0 in support of the application.

2 Holden Court (Federico Family Trust) – Applying to change legal occupancy from three-family to four-family dwelling. There was some discussion regarding the constraints regarding a second egress. NEWNC voted 9-0 in support of the application.

215 Hanover Street (Sophia Anderson) – Applying for fortune teller permit on 2nd floor above Dolce Vita. There was an extended discussion regarding proposed operations, signage, past/future precedent and neighborhood character. Mrs. Anderson indicated most business would come from tourist and restaurant customers on the street. NEWNC opposed the application in a vote of 8-2.

Minutes are posted on NEWNC’s website: I will also post the specific movie schedules, street closings and times.

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