Event Notices

Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) March 11, 2013 Agenda: Greenway, LuLu’s, Billy Tse’s, 78-80 Salem St. & 1-3 Lewis St.

North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council
Email: info@newncboston.org
Website: www.NEWNCBoston.org


Monday March 11, 2013 7:00PM
Nazzaro Center, 30 N. Bennet St.

1. Call to order & Roll Call – NEWNC President

2. Meeting Protocol – NEWNC Vice President

3. Report from the Office of Neighborhood Services – Nicole Leo

4. Report from the offices of local elected officials

5. Committee reports:

a. Resident Parking/Traffic Committee – Ryan Kenny
b. Public Safety Committee – David Marx
c. Greenway Committee – Bill Lane

6. Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy: Representatives from the Greenway will give a general update.

7. 57 Salem Street, LuLu’s Sweet Shoppe, Sandra Russo: has applied to change the use of the first floor commercial space to include take-out (36A) for the purpose of serving ice cream at the existing bakery/candy shop.

8. 240 Commercial Street, Billy Tse Restaurant: has applied to the Boston Public Improvement Commission to add seasonal outdoor (sidewalk) seating to the existing restaurant, and also plans to seek an amendment to the current All Alcohol Beverage License to increase seating capacity.

9. 78-80 Salem Street, Chris Young: is seeking zoning relief to add a second floor addition. The proposed addition is to expand the restaurant currently occupying the property.

10. 1-3 Lewis Street, Alvaro Sandoval: has applied for a variance for take-out service. A new restaurant is also being proposed at the above location (formerly Nick’s Tavern).