Police & Fire

New Neighborhood Crime Reports System

crimereportssnapshotWe have added a new page, called Crime Reports, to give residents easy access to a new service rolled out this week by the Boston Police and Utah-based web company CrimeReports.com. For your convenience, we have added it directly on this website accessible through the top navigation bar.

Crime data is uploaded each night by the police, allowing residents to track incidents as recent as the day before. The system uses Google Maps and highlights icons for various crime types with zoom capabilities to see the neighborhood or even a specific street. By clicking on the map icons, a pop-up description and specific address/date is displayed.

For our webpage, we have specifically displayed the North End/Waterfront neighborhood with incidents for the last week, but the online controls allow users to vary the dates or see other Boston areas.

The North End/Waterfront area is statistically the safest neighborhood in Boston and now we can all see for ourselves that it remains that way. We appreciate the Boston Police introducing this service and increasing the transparency of crime reports to residents.