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Wharf District Council Police Update: Vandalism, Larcenies, Loud Motorcycles

Boston Police Department (BPD) Sergeant Steven Moy provided a police report at the November Wharf District Council (WDC) meeting.

Before reviewing the most recent criminal incidents, Sergeant Moy along with BPD Captain Robert Ciccolo spoke to continued concerns regarding the homeless population in and around the Wharf District.

With cold weather posing considerable risk for injury and exposure, Captain Ciccolo stated that BPD is working with its partners in the area to coordinate outreach services.

Sergeant Moy spoke to the issue more broadly when referencing calls made to BPD as recently as November 12th regarding a homeless female spotted at 75 Central Street who is well-known to the department. Social services are currently engaging with her.

November 15th 2020, 111 Atlantic Ave. and 10 Rowes Wharf: Two Acts of Vandalism

A 911 call was received by a witness who had been out walking his dog near 111 Atlantic Ave. when he witnessed an unknown male throw a brick through a parked BMW window.

While responding to this incident, officers received a second call from 10 Rowes Wharf of a second vandalism in progress. Once arrived, the front desk employee reporting having heard a loud noise likened to a “big bang” and observed that the front door glass had been shattered by a brick as well.

Video surveillance of the suspect was obtained at the 10 Rowes Wharf location and detectives are currently following up on this case.

November 9th, 53 State Street near McKinley Square: Attempted Purse–Snatching and Larceny

Female victim was walking from a friend’s house to reach the MBTA Blue Line stop when she was approached and engaged in conversation by two suspects, a male and a female, with the male suspect attempting to snatch the victim’s purse. The purse fell to the ground and some money spilled out. At this point, the female suspect was able to grab a $100 bill. Suspects fled and the case is currently under investigation.

Wharf District Bicycle and Scooter Thefts

Sergeant Moy also made note of three separate reports being filed on November 5th, 10th, and 14th regarding bicycle and scooter thefts around the Wharf District. All three incidents are currently under investigation.

WDC Executive Director Susanne Lavoie reported hearing numerous motorcycles traveling up and down Atlantic Avenue. “Aside from being dangerous, the noise is deafening,” Lavoie stated, with Captain Ciccolo acknowledging that the issue has become citywide in scope.

The group in question often range as far as Cambridge and other localities, and BPD is currently pursuing strategies to solve the problem.

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  1. At times I can hear those loud motorcycles outside my window it’s nuts they do it for attention that’s the truth it not those actually bikies with the leather jackets like on Hanover Street or just any bikie. I don’t mind that one motorcycle who sometimes I see and hear playing rock and roll but yeah something should be done about those.
    The purse incident my strong bet 2AM even though they say 3AM is the worst time of the night.

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