NEWRA Opposes Fairmont’s Valet

Lincoln Wharf’s Bob Skole Addresses Battery Wharf Consultant Don Birch

NEWRA (North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association) voted to oppose Fairmont Battery Wharf’s proposal for a valet license covering 4-5 parking spaces on Commercial Street. Don Birch of Leggatt Properties and consultant to Battery Wharf, presented the proposal.

Battery Wharf’s garage has the capacity for 376 spaces using a 2 level lift system, although only there are only 150 spaces available today. When the property is fully operational, it is expected to have a “population” of guests and residents reaching 950-1250 people and up to 700 cars/day with 6+ valets. Birch stated that the valet spaces are necessary to relive pressure on the entrance corridor.

Several residents spoke up about various issues:

  • Elevator lift system was not part of the original plan and takes longer to park cars
  • Tour buses may be a problem on Commercial Street
  • Valet Hours are 24/7; Is it necessary to take the spaces up at night?
  • Safety issues were raised regarding the valets’ left turns out of the garage

Battery Wharf believes that their garage will eventually free up street parking in the North End because other residents will pay to park in its garage. Birch said the rate for monthly parking is $395 for the first 2 months with the 3rd month free as a promotion. In order to appease residents, the operator is willing to have a lottery for 4 free neighborhood spaces.

NEWRA membership voted with the tally being 30 opposed and 4 in support.