Truck Runs Out of Luck and Gets Stuck

“New drivers to the North End can sometimes find our corners tight,” quipped David Arnold who shares the above photo. “It took this driver from Georgia – with the help of more than a few Boston Police officers – about 2 1/2 hours to make the turn from lower Lewis Street onto Commercial Street.”

More to the point, Steve Ayres just says “Oops,” capturing this photo as the tail of the truck clips (ok, mauls) the side of a parked car on Lewis Street.

An open bottle of booze in the truck cab may help explain part of the story, but we’ll have to wait for the police report for more details.

5 Replies to “Truck Runs Out of Luck and Gets Stuck

  1. He couldn’t make the left onto Commercial because there was a car parked on the corner of Lewis that was poking out too far. He tried to back up with help of residents but he just ended up plowing into the red Volvo.

    The Statie there had him in cuffs for a second as he was not sitting down and trying to get back into the truck

  2. I think he came down North Street and made a left onto Lewis St. There is no way he could have made the turn from Fulton onto Lewis.
    My guess is he was following his GPS like all the Uber drivers I see waiting on Fulton St. in the morning.
    That’s my parking lot in the background. He moved the truck just before my wife got home from work.

  3. Why is a trailer that long even allowed in Boston. There are many intersections it would have trouble turning into. But if some people weren’t crazy how would we find things to laugh at?

  4. The city (and our elected officials) do
    not are about north end residents.

    They allow tractor trailers to sit in the middle of street, other commercial vehicles park on side walks, emergency turn radi, cross walked and even RIGHT INFRONT OF TOW ZONE SIGNS and go out of their way not to ticket these vehicles who are putting ALL of our safety at risk.

    Here is a report just filed where not one, but TWO enforcement officers walked right by without a ticket.

    Check out this Illegal Parking at 357 Hanover St, Apt 1

    When did an enforcement walk right past your car when you were in street cleaning for an extra 4 minutes? Last week I saw a resident get TOWED AFTER the street sweeper already drove around it. The damage was done (and the resident was ticketed), but they had to get their pound of flesh from that resident and the cleaner DIDN’T EVEN COMW BACK.

    It gets better, they will fight not to enforce their own rules on commercial vehicles.

    Check out this Illegal Parking at 29 North Sq

    This vehicle was parked there for 10 consecutive business days WITHOUT BEING TOWED.

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