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Concepts Discussed to Cover Greenway Ramp Parcels

Video: Review of Greenway Ramp Parcel Cover Study – October 29, 2014

A working session to develop ramp cover concepts for the I-93 Central Artery entrance/exit parcels on the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway was held on Wednesday night at Boston City Hall, hosted by the Mass. Dept of Transportation (MassDot) and the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA).

A brief review and update was provided for each of Parcels 6, 12 and 18 in the North End and Wharf District parks (see above video). The end goal of the study is to determine what type of cover is appropriate for each of the three ramp parcels. Options include a physical cover, landscaping, screening or a building structure. See background from first meeting.

Notable concepts and ideas tossed around included the following:

Parcel 6 at northern section of North End Parks

  • Linear path to enhance pedestrian experience
  • Gateway to Greenway
  • Possible interpretive panels
  • Provide utilities for potential future cafe/kiosk
  • Restrooms – possible maintenance issue
  • Building – probably not economically feasible

Parcel 12 between Faneuil Hall Marketplace and North End Parks (adjacent to Armenian Heritage Park and Carousel)

  • Possible pedestrian bridge to “cover/screen”
  • 55 foot height maximum makes a building largely infeasible given ramp heights
  • Put money in Parcel 12 as a key point along the Greenway
  • Desired uses: gathering space, pedestrian connection, key vantage point along Greenway
  • Elevated “observation deck” – possible smaller deck to minimize Cross St. “wall”
  • Softer screening on Cross St.
  • Possible future dog park in “halfmoon area”
  • Utilities planned not to preclude future uses
  • Building is not a desired use

Parcel 18 across from Rowes Wharf

  • Minimal intervention required
  • Don’t ruin a nice park
  • Screen end of SB-off ramp (but need to consider sightlines)
  • Introduce a vertical element (private funds)
  • Meets MassDot commitment “as-is”
  • Spend money on other parcels

The next public meeting is scheduled for January 5, 2015, 6pm at Boston City Hall, 9th Floor. Comments and questions can be forwarded at any time to: John Romano, Legislative Liaison, MassDOT, email: or Lauren N. Shurtleff, Senior Planner, BRA email:

View the above video for the presentation from the meeting. More information about the project can be also be found at the Greenway Ramp Parcel Study planning page.

Aerial Highlighting Ramp Parcels on Rose F. Kennedy Greenway (Image: BRA)