Callahan Tunnel 24 Hour Complaint Hotline & Work Schedule

McCourt Construction has established a 24 Hour Complaint Hotline.  Any work related complaint, like noise or vibration, related to the Callahan Tunnel should be called into this number.

Someone from McCourt Construction will respond and will work with the on duty MassDOT Construction Inspector to review the issue.

The Callahan Hotline number is 617-908-2614.

Also, here are the upcoming work schedule activities. 

JAN 4th to JAN 18th:

Hydromilling of tunnel deck slab will begin Sat. January 4th at 7:00 am at both portals, – North End and East Boston sides of the tunnel.  Operation will continue with both crews working to the middle (lowpoint).  Accordingly, we expect the greatest noise challenges to occur during daytime hours on Saturday Jan 4th.  This operation will continue 24/7 until they are complete, the forecast is two weeks.  In order to support the hydromilling there will be support tanks and crews at the East Boston boat section.

Additional activities during the next two weeks include installation of new nosing at the Boston approach.  Contract restrictions and MCC commitments will limit the noisiest activities at these locations to daytime and evening hours, (7am to 10pm).   New nosing installation will require drilling of dowels and small amounts of selective demolition.

MassDot is working with the McCourt team to reduce the amount of noise generated in the portals/boat sections at night time and the early morning hours (10pm to 7am) but there will be work and some associated noise.

All work is weather related and the ongoing storm may delay the start of of the hydromilling.

See the Callahan Tunnel Closure and Rehabilitation Project website for more information.

2 Replies to “Callahan Tunnel 24 Hour Complaint Hotline & Work Schedule

  1. I want to give props to the contractor for their responsiveness on this number. We live squarely above the tunnel on North St and last week there was initially sporadic noise culminating in a prolonged period of activity in the early hours of the morning on Thursday. My wife called the hotline when the noise started up again on Friday and was pleasantly surprised to be connected directly to a rep’s cellphone. On her explaining our concern, he volunteered that he was actually on our street following up on another call and offered to stop by to investigate. He was at our building in minutes, verified that there was indeed noise and vibration and immediately offered to have the workers relocate to another part of the tunnel. My wife told him that we could live with the noise until the kids were getting ready to go to bed at 7PM (it’s audible but not obnoxious during normal activities). The vibration ceased promptly at 6:58 PM and we haven’t heard a peep after hours since.

  2. Thunderous noise coming from tunnel and it’s 11:45pm. Called hotline at 10:15pm but response. We are fine with any level of noise up to 10pm (which is supposed to be the cutoff for loud work) but the lack of effort to comply with their own guidelines is very aggravating. My kids have a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep with this noise level (and they are used to noise from the tunnel, so they’re not light sleepers).

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